transgender book
Listed as “Required Reading” in Mary Karr’s NYT best-selling book “The Art of Memoir”
Second Son by Ryan Sallans is one of a few transgender memoirs that chronicles the life of a transgender man.
transgender comic book
“A totally charming and hilariously specific comic about one trans guy making his way through life.”
—Ariel Schrag, author of Potential and Adam

What’s Normal Anyway? a comic about being trans male depicts a trans male experience through the story of Mel, who takes the big risk of being himself and transitioning from female to male.

“. . . A must-read for women, and the people who love them.”

– Diane Anderson-Minshall, Editor at Large, Advocate Magazine

Ruth Marimo is an illegal immigrant.

In Ruth Marimo’s heartfelt autobiography, you are introduced to a fierce, forthright woman who has confronted life’s obstacles, and has overcome them with strength, courage, and honesty.

Born in Zimbabwe, Marimo has traveled the world, gaining insight and deep appreciation for the plight of the illegal immigrant. She has gained her understanding not through academic research, but through personal experience.