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Photo Credit: Al Viola



Ruth Marimo

"Dare to create the life you want and be brave enough to live it fully."

Ruth Marimo, born and raised in the Southern African country of Zimbabwe, describes herself as a seeker of truth and healing, a lover of autonomy and freedom and everything unconventional, a worshipper of womanhood and authenticity, a voice of reason!

In 1999, at the age of nineteen, she moved to the United States. It was while she sat in jail, thinking, wondering, praying and awaiting deportation, that she decided to write her life story.

Photo Credit: David Mahfouda


What's Normal Anyway?

Morgan Boecher

"I write, draw and share stories to put more happiness in the world, which can show up as laughter, a sense of belonging, and the assurance that no matter how alone we may feel there are always others who can relate to what we're going through."

Morgan Boecher tells visual stories to promote social well-being. His background is in the people-learning fields of social enterprise (Columbia University, MS) and anthropology (New College of Florida, BA) provide an excellent foundation for people-centered design. Morgan combines his artistic skills and sense of humor with his work helping others. See more of Morgan's work here

Photo Credit: Melanie Rose Smith


Second Son and Transforming Manhood

Ryan Sallans

"Storytelling for me has always been about spilling your characters' guts out on the page in a way that makes you feel multiple signifying personal emotions. I want to push my readers - like I push myself - through this journey and thing we call . . . life." 

Ryan Sallans is an international storyteller, lecturer and advocate for human rights. Learn more at his website.

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