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Scout Publishing, LLC. is an independent publishing house established for readers, booksellers, and authors seeking fiction and nonfiction books that explore gender, sexuality, and self-development.



- LOVE -


“This book not only will help those who are struggling with their gender identity but will also educate the masses on what it means to be transgender and in today’s society, this is important. FOUR STARS!!!”

Larry King


“With openness, empathy, brilliant insight, and a wide-angle lens, Sallans shares his personal journey from little girl to lesbian to trans man to human being. No other writer has come close to giving us a window into that evolutionary process.”

Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D.

Author of The Gender Creative Child and Gender Born, Gender Made

"A totally charming and hilariously specific comic about one trans guy making his way through life."

Ariel Schrag

Author of Potential and Adam

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